3 rounds for time of:
10 broad jumps
10 KB swings - 30% BW
10 push-ups" />

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weight lifting, Olympic weightlifting, strength and conditioning, fitness, crossfit, Workout, training program - Catalyst Athletics Wednesday October 29 2008

  • Snatch balance - heavy single
  • Front squat - 80% x 2 x 4
  • Snatch pull - 105% x 3 x 3
3 rounds for time of:
10 broad jumps
10 KB swings - 30% BW
10 push-ups

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Cooper 1 | 2008-10-29
Is that a low bar squat?
tommi k 2 | 2008-10-29
Sn.Bal. - 90kg, easy PR FS - 120kg Sn.Pull - 95kg Metcon 3:22,32kg KB
Jesse Woody 3 | 2008-10-29
Sn. Balance: 93kg, 9kg PR FS: 103kg x 2 x 4 1 Halting DL x 3 Sn. Pull: 93kg
Rutman 4 | 2008-10-29
Look at the focus on the spotters face. That's hot.
aimee 5 | 2008-10-29
Cooper- Is that a joke?
Robb Wolf 6 | 2008-10-29
RUT- Gotta keep your eye on the Italian chicks...
Cooper 7 | 2008-10-29
no... i wasn't being a dick. for all the good info i find here i didn't expect to get a response like that either. now i'm probably wrong but it looks like the knees are not too far forward (it actually *almost* looks like vertical shins), torso leaning pretty far forward, bar below/behind acromion... Maybe instead of giving a condescending answer someone else could point out why it is so obviously not a low bar squat.
Richard Vanmeerbeek 8 | 2008-10-29
Sn bal - 92.5kg FS - 97.5kg x 3 x 10 Sn pull - 90kg Death by ring dips - 13 rounds + 8
aimee 9 | 2008-10-29
Cooper- I'm sorry, I wasn't trying to be condescending at all. I am sorry if I offended you. I trully apologize. When I asked if it was a joke, I said so because there has been a lot of low bar - high bar back squat talking recently, so I actually thought you were making a low bar squat joke. I took it out of context and I am sorry. To really answer your question, that is katie, and that is how she squats, she doesn't get into the same position as one does when doing a high bar back squat, so that is why it looks a little low. And, she isn't wearing shoes ;) Again, sorry to make you angry. Please forgive. No harm intended.
cooper 10 | 2008-10-29
wow, having re-read i am a little bitchy today and should not have gotten that worked up. thank you for explaining, i was asking because of all the low vs. high stuff in the interwebz lately.
Robb Wolf 11 | 2008-10-29
Personally I'd call that the "skinny-pasty-strength-coach" back squat.
Jesse Woody 12 | 2008-10-29
I agree with Robb...how have your lifts been going up while playing all that World of Warcraft anyway? ;) At least living in the Mid-Atlantic I have an excuse for not having a tan this time of year! :p
ADR 13 | 2008-10-29
Sn. Balance: 155# FS: 205# x 2 x 4 1 Halting DL x 3 Sn. Pull: 185#
Thea Taylor 14 | 2008-10-29
Greg or Aimee, Do you sell your werksan equipment in the sets or only individual. Thanks for info.
Ian 15 | 2008-10-29
SnBal 70kg...sucked, but that's good because it's an area that I really need to work on. Thanks. I've been avoiding these. FS 105 SnPull 90 Skipped the metcon to give myself added rest. This first week has been high volume and I'm pretty sore today. I can't wait for Saturday's workout. 33/m/6'0/202/IF/paleo
Eric Brandom 16 | 2008-10-29
M/23/6'1"/180 SnBa - 225, dropped 245 on head... that'll happen FS - 235 SnPu - 225 Metcon: 1:58 2pood KB
Greg Everett 17 | 2008-10-29
Thea - Shoot me an email and we can hook you up with a set - we just don't list them in the store.
Kevin 18 | 2008-10-29
Got a newbie question-what in the world is a broad jump? I looked in the excercises page but did not see an explanation? Thanks, KP
Greg Everett 19 | 2008-10-29
Kevin - Standing long jump.
ken c 20 | 2008-10-29
snatch balance 185 front squat 245 snatch pull 225 that snatch balance has me all messed up. need to practice that some more.
Jonathan 21 | 2008-10-30
Snatch Balance: Up to 115#, but it was ugly. Backed down and practiced! FS: 185# x2x4 Snatch Pull: 190# x3x3 Metcon: 3 rds for time: 10 Broad Jumps, 10 60# DB swings, 10 Pushups. 4:13 My first 5 jumps were great..and long. Then I turned into a 4 year old and it was sad. Slowed down and things got better. Swings and Pushups were easy, but those jumps were humbling! Very sore in the glute/hamstring area.
Richard Thomas 22 | 2008-10-31
Front squat only (Limited for time) Front squat: 87.5kg x 3 x8
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