3 sets of:
A. 40 Russian twists
B. 15 Hanging leg raise" />

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olympic weightlifting, weightlifting, snatch, clean, jerk
weight lifting, Olympic weightlifting, strength and conditioning, fitness, crossfit, Workout, training program - Catalyst Athletics Thursday November 6 2008

  • Snatch + power snatch - 60% x 4 sets
  • Overhead squat - 85% x 1 x 2
3 sets of:
A. 40 Russian twists
B. 15 Hanging leg raise
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Emily 1 | 2008-11-05
Are Russian twists counted one per side, or one every other side?
Chad 2 | 2008-11-05
Wow, so simple, but that never would've occurred to me. Thanks Greg, that's a very useful trick.
Emily 3 | 2008-11-05
Also, that trick is frickin' awesome.
dan 4 | 2008-11-05
ec 5 | 2008-11-05
holy genius.
Mike 6 | 2008-11-05
I like the headband. Keeps your hippy hair in line.
Greg Everett 7 | 2008-11-05
Emily - Each side is 1 rep. Mike - Yes it does, but it doesn't make it look any less silly.
Richard Thomas 8 | 2008-11-06
Snatch + Power Snatch 45kg OHS: 72.5kg
Kris 9 | 2008-11-06
I'm glad to see someone else embracing the headband! My hair is cut really short, but it annoys the living shit out of me to feel sweat accumulate/run-down the sides and front of my face!!!
Robb Wolf 10 | 2008-11-06
Greg- Don't you think it's a bit self promotional to just show the beginning of the box jump? How 'bout the end: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWfHUEmv498
Derek M 11 | 2008-11-06
I ended up using that trick at the recent weightlifting competition. Maybe I saw someone else doing it. Or maybe I just had to adapt to the fact that the barbell was four hundred pounds.
Jason Lauer 12 | 2008-11-06
Where can I get a pair of the knee sleeves being worn in the picture?
Richard Vanmeerbeek 13 | 2008-11-06
Mixed 2 days and ditched the squats for my knee Split Sn - 52.5kg x 2 x 4 T split Cl + H split Cl + 2 J - 62.5kg x 3 Rack Jerk - 77.5kg x 2 x 3 3 rounds 40 R twists 10/15/15kg 15 hanging leg raises
Eric Brandom 14 | 2008-11-06
M/23/6'1"/180 Sn+PS - 135# OHS - 225# Russian Twists w/ 45# HLR - 10# to each leg
Greg Everett 15 | 2008-11-06
Jason - Those are the old style Rehbands - not made any more. You can try jackalsgym.com to see if they still have any, but I think they're finally out too.
Ian 16 | 2008-11-06
Snatch - 50kg OHS - 80kg I did the twists with a 10lb medicine ball Nice that the workout wasn't too long tonight cause my body is worn out. Looking forward to going HEAVY on Saturday.
ADR 17 | 2008-11-07
M/26/5'10"/170 Sn+PS - 105# OHS - 145# 3 rounds 40 Russian twists - 15# DB 15 hanging leg raises
JP 18 | 2008-11-07
Just learned that trick the other day! I think Coach was sick of seeing me struggle! haha
Jonathan 19 | 2008-11-07
Snatch + Power Snatch: 95# x 4 sets OHS: 115# x1x2 Seated Calf Raise: up to 175# x8 DB Bench: 75# x8 3 sets of A: Russian twists 30 with 25# plate B. HLR 5 slow and controlled, toes over bar
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