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weight lifting, Olympic weightlifting, strength and conditioning, fitness, crossfit, Workout, training program - Catalyst Athletics Thursday December 25 2008


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Bo 1 | 2008-12-25
Greg - I'm thinking of purchasing lifting straps to make sure I don't lose my grip during a heavy lift. I've also experienced that my hands were sliding towards the middle of the bar as I did a heavy snatch deadlift. However, I've heard that if your grip can't take it, you can't lift it. What's your take on that? How should ones diet look like while on this program? Should I eat to gain weight or is a maintenance dose fine? I've pretty much dialed in my zone/paleo way of eating (17 blocks with 2x fat as maintenance). Should I increase to more fat? Would doing 'vanity' exercises such as barbell curls or an ab routine at the end of a training session interfere with the program? Thanks in advance.
George 2 | 2008-12-25
Kris 3 | 2008-12-25
Merry Christmas Everyone!! Awesome video today! (I haven't listened to New Order in years...)
Gleason 4 | 2008-12-25
Merry Christmas, happy holidays all!
Greg Everett 5 | 2008-12-25
Bo -You should use straps when you're doing heavy pulls and DLs - if you're concerned about losing grip strength, hold off on using them until your heaviest sets only. If you're an o-lifter, though, remember that you only have to hold onto the bar to snatch and clean it - the DL doesn't matter. That said, it is conceivable for your body strength development to outpace your grip strength if you overuse straps. As long as you're not using straps when you snatch and CJ heavy, you should be fine.Personally I don't like the Zone much - if you do nothing but CrossFit, it's fine, but for a weightlifter, it's silly. Up your protein and fat, and reduce the carbs - until it doesn't at all resemble the Zone. You can check out this article too.If you want to throw in additional ab work, that's fine - I really just put in the bare minimum. Vanity stuff is fine as well, although I would caution you not to go overboard - it's easy to get carried away with those things to the point that they're interfering with the real work. Throwing in a few sets of curls 1-2x/week won't be a problem.
Butch White 6 | 2008-12-25
Greg: Is that Nutrition article originally published in the PM or is it a "stand-alone" piece? Thanks for the great site, book and DVD. I'm having more fun lifting and getting better at the Oly lifts since being introduced to your WOD's.
Bill Ellsworth 7 | 2008-12-25
Fantastic video, as usual. I saw New Order back in '83. I think I invented a few WODs that night :) Good luck in the new BOX!!
Greg Everett 8 | 2008-12-25
Butch -That article was in PM issues 34 and 35.
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