3 rounds for time of:
15 kipping pull-ups
10 KB snatch (swing) - 25% BW" />

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weight lifting, Olympic weightlifting, strength and conditioning, fitness, crossfit, Workout, training program - Catalyst Athletics Tuesday January 13 2009

  • Power snatch - 80% x 2 x 3
  • Power clean & jerk - 80% x 1 + 2 x 3
3 rounds for time of:
15 kipping pull-ups
10 KB snatch (swing) - 25% BW

Questions? Get answers here or post in comments.
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Bo 1 | 2009-01-12
Greg - I'm considering using creatine as a supplement. I have a few questions, though. 1. Do you use it? 2. Would it be unhealthy for me to use because I'm 16 years old? 3. How much should water consumption be increased due to the increased stress on the liver? 4. As creatine retains water in the muscles, would my ideal bodyweight still be 69kg (170cm tall), or should it be increased because of the water weight? Thanks alot.
Jesse Woody 2 | 2009-01-12
Awesome seminar as usual Greg, thanks a ton for coming out! I'll keep you guys updated as to our turnout at the comp next weekend, and will send some pics your way as soon as we get them.
Matt H. 3 | 2009-01-12
Are the percentages based on snatch and clean 1 rm or power snatch and power clean 1 rm? Thanks
Mike 4 | 2009-01-12
Since I dont know my P.S. and P.C. PR's, is it safe to say that my best for both would be approx. 80% of max SN and max C+J? Then just take 80% of that 80% for this workout? Thanks.
Greg Everett 5 | 2009-01-12
Bo - 1. Yes2. Unless you have liver or kidney problems, you should be fine.3. As much as needed. If your urine is the color of a basketball, drink more.4. You may not get much increase in water weight. I don't, and I've yet to encounter many people who see dramatic weight increases. Generally I see maybe a pound or two at most (and that's in larger men - 185 lbs+). Try it and see what happens to your weight and decide then. It's definitely not going to bump you up a weight class itself.5. Try using it for 2 weeks at a time, then taking a week off. The latest literature I've read suggests that will get you "saturated" and then "reset" for more saturation. It appears that longer-term consistent use actually results in less retention.
Greg Everett 6 | 2009-01-12
Matt - Power. Always of the associated exercise unless otherwise noted.
Greg Everett 7 | 2009-01-12
Mike - Yes, that will be close enough for now.
Duke 8 | 2009-01-13
Greg and Aimee- I want to add my thanks for a great seminar this past weekend. The technique instruction and feedback I received was more than worth the price of admission. The coaching cues I learned are invaulable. I will definitely recommend your seminar to everyone I know who is interested in learning the Olympic lifts, improving their Olympic lifting technique, or just learning more about strength-based fitness. Thanks again.
Greg and Aimee 9 | 2009-01-13
Thanks for the wonderful seminar this weekend. The amount of information I learned is incredible. Not to mention the 102 page excerpt from your book will be great to look back on to remind myself of the certain cues. Hopefully this summer I can take a trip out to SF to train with you guys some more. Regards, Ryan
Ryan 10 | 2009-01-13
and that comment above should say Ryan....not Greg and Aimee errr
Aimee 11 | 2009-01-13
thanks! it was a great time!
Maiko 12 | 2009-01-13
Thanks to Greg, Aimee, and the folks at Primal Fitness for the seminar this weekend! I had a great time and the only sad thing was only 4 ladies attended (myself included)!! I highly recommend the seminar to others as I learned a lot (and now have a lot to work on lol). And I hope you're feeling better Aimee!!
Allen Y 13 | 2009-01-13
Greg, DC in Jan, WA in Feb, then Ontario in March...Have you grown your own wings yet?
Chris Bullard 14 | 2009-01-13
Snatch: 115x1x3/125x1x3/135x1x3 Power Snatch: 155x2x3 Clean and Jerk: 155x2+1x3/165x1+2x2 Power Clean & Jerk: 185x1+2/190x1+2x2 CFHQ WOD: 45 Power Cleans @ 155#/90 Ring Dips 9:09
Bill 15 | 2009-01-13
Greg, thanks for the feedback on my video from the other day. I know you are busy and I sincerely appreciate the time you put into analyzing it. I hope you don't mind if I post a vid once a week or so. Thanks.
LT Barnes 16 | 2009-01-13
i have a quick question that i hope someone can answer for me, on the Power Clean and Jerk it says 80% x 1 + 2 x 3. what does that mean? is that on clean and then two jerks?
Veronica D. 17 | 2009-01-13
Greg and Aimee... It was GREAT meeting you two. I worked on my tall snatches this morning. I'm going to sit out the Bulgarian cycle to work on technique, but I'll definitely be back when the strength cycle comes around.
Jordan 18 | 2009-01-13
P Sn: 50kg P C&J: 60kg Metcon: 2:47 16kig KB
LisaAnne 19 | 2009-01-13
I have a question, too. 10 KB snatch (swing) - what does that mean? A snatch or a swing, or both? If it's snatch, do you do ten with each hand, or ten total? I guess it was more than one question. thanks!
Aimee 20 | 2009-01-13
LT- 80% X 1 + 2 X 3 means 80% for 1 power clean plus 3 jerks for 3 total sets.
Rossi 21 | 2009-01-13
PSN - 145 PCL - 205 MetCon: 30 jumping pullups + 10 KB swings (didn't read WOD correctly) = 6:32min
Matt H. 22 | 2009-01-13
P. Snatch- Tested Max = 160 P. Clean and Jerk- 175 (Only jerked twice, next time I'll get it right) MetCon- 4:55 Greg thanks for answering my questions so far, and I have another one: When you jerk for work sets, should you alternate lead foots or just go to the stronger/personally preferred side? Thanks.
Eric Brandom 23 | 2009-01-13
PS - 180 PC+2J - 225 Metcon: 3:12
tom a 24 | 2009-01-13
PSn 105 PCl + J 165 MetCon 4:35
Steve Liberati 25 | 2009-01-13
Age=28 BW=185 PCJ: 145 PSn: 185 Metcon: 3:45.
Greg Everett 26 | 2009-01-13
LisaAnne - Swing-style KB snatch. Normally I wouldn't specify like that, but there have been questions before. 10 is the total between both sides - so 5/side.
Greg Everett 27 | 2009-01-13
Matt - If you are/want to be a competitive weightlifter, always use your dominant leg. For other sports or GPP, it's a good idea to alternate legs to prevent strength and flexibility imbalances.
LisaAnne 28 | 2009-01-13
Thanks, Greg. I wish I'd asked before I did it! Now I've looked at your video, but I was doing "regular" snatches, catching in a deep squat AND I did 10/side. I guess i got a little extra. Oh well!
donna d 29 | 2009-01-14
PSn 60# PCl + J 75# abwork instead of metcon, ran out of time.
Andrew Wilson 30 | 2009-01-18
105 Power snatch - 80% x 2 x 3 140 Power clean & jerk - 80% x 1 + 2 x 3
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