3 rounds for time:
50 m sprint
10 walking lunges
2 rope climbs" />

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weight lifting, Olympic weightlifting, strength and conditioning, fitness, crossfit, Workout, training program - Catalyst Athletics Thursday July 16 2009

  • Muscle snatch - heavy single; 90% of that x 1 x 2
  • 2-position clean - 65% x 5 sets
  • Jerk - 70% x 3; 75% x 3; 80% x 2 x 3

3 rounds for time:
50 m sprint
10 walking lunges
2 rope climbs

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ken c 1 | 2009-07-15
muscle snatch: 160; 145 2 position cleans: 185 jerks: 175; 190; 205 pr'd my power snatch on monday at 185. is there any kind of desired ratio between your power snatch and snatch? like if you can power snatch x you should be able to snatch y.
Edward Stedman 2 | 2009-07-16
When it says: "Muscle snatch - heavy single; 90% x 1 x 2" Does that mean to work up to a heavy single today and then take the 90% x 1 x 2, or do I take 90% of my current heavy single?
Greg Everett 3 | 2009-07-16
Ken - Not a desired one, but a descriptive one - PS is usually about 80-85% of snatch.
Greg Everett 4 | 2009-07-16
edward - sorry - meant to note that. 90% is of the heavy single in this workout, not your max.
Andrew O 5 | 2009-07-19
Muscle Snatch: 100, 90 2-position Cleans: 135 Jerks: 140, 145, 150 First time on one of your WODS, I really enjoyed it! Thank you, Andrew
Adal Zurita 6 | 2011-09-09
good day for example: Muscle snatch - heavy single, 90% of That x 1 x 2 2-position clean - 65% x 5 sets Jerk - 70% x 3, 75% x 3, 80% x 2 x 3 when you say heavy single take 1RM for that day but for example in the same or my maximum jerk of the week? and if next week so I get to see another 90% x3x4 jerk I have to go back to get my maximum for each week? of the exercises I do or I just do it with the maximum weight to take out the first week?
Greg Everett 7 | 2011-09-09
Adal - I'm not totally sure I understand the question, but let me try to answer. Heavy single means working up to the heaviest weight you can on that day. %s that follow a heavy single or RM are of that weight, not of your all time best, so you will take it off that same day's best, not what you did the week before or any other time.
Adal Zurita 8 | 2011-09-09
if I think not understanding the question I do it again every week we do the same exercises then every week there again calculate maximums for each exercise?? or work on my 1RM I have from the first week? say this because I feel stronger Thanks for your attention and explanation
Greg Everett 9 | 2011-09-09
Adal - If you make new 1RMs during the cycle, use those new 1RMs to calculate %s.
Adal Zurita 10 | 2011-09-09
Robby 11 | 2013-07-09
Not sure how to read the reps. 90%x1x2? So you do 1 rep at 90% then 2 unbroken at 90%?
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