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The goal of the Catalyst Athletics Affiliation Program is to allow affiliate facilities to distinguish themselves in the market and allow clients and athletes to know they will be provided with quality weightlifting coaching in line with the Catalyst Athletics philosophy and methodology. Affiliates can be relied on by athletes to provide quality weightlifting coaching, equipment, and programs or facility access.

Affiliates are listed on this website; may use the Catalyst Athletics name in promotion; have priority for seminar/certification registration; and may train with the Catalyst Athletics weightlifting team periodically. Affiliation is $1000 annually.


  • All staff coaching in the gym's weightlifting program must be Catalyst Athletics certified
  • Gym must offer dedicated Olympic weightlifting training in line with Catalyst Athletics philosophy and methodology
  • Gym must provide adequate training times in the schedule to allow full-time weightlifting training
  • Gym must have enough lifting platforms, IWF-spec men's & women's barbells, bumper plates, and squat racks to accommodate the number of lifters regularly training
    • Acceptable barbells include Werksan, Eleiko, ZKC, DHS, Uesaka, Pendlay (bearing). Please confirm the acceptability of other bars.
    • Weights must be in kilograms. Acceptable brands include the same as above; however, any other kg plates should be acceptable. Please contact us to inquire about specific plates if you're unsure.
  • Gym may not be affiliated with any conflicting weightlifting organization (This does not include USA Weightlifting or international equivalent--affiliates are encouraged to be registered clubs with their national governing body).
    (Note: There is no restriction on non-weightlifting affiliations, such as CrossFit, OPEX and similar)
Gyms will not be approved within close enough proximity of each other to create conflict among affiliates (actual distance will depend on the location).

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Premier Affiliate Gyms

Calpian Weightlifting
John Thrush
Bonney Lake, WA

CrossFit Magnify
Aimee Everett
Redmond, OR

Forza Weightlifting Club
Mike Gattone
Grayslake, IL

Oly Concepts
Daniel Camargo
Altamonte Springs, FL

Red Rocks CrossFit
Paul Fleschler
Colorado Springs, CO

Texas Barbell
Ursula Garza-Papandrea
Leander, TX

The Sports Palace
Jim Schmitz
South San Francisco, CA

Waxman's Gym
Sean Waxman
Lawndale, CA

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