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adam krause 11-13-2012 11:16 AM

BJJ comp- paleo weight cut
I am doing research in cutting 10lbs for a BJJ comp. I eat strict paleo, only dairy comes from butter in coffee. I walk around at 158-163 at 8-10% body fat and plan on competing in my first BJJ tournament at the 149lb division.

i've read the performance menu piece on weight cutting and also the podcast question in regards to weight cutting for an O-lift comp.

I plan on doing the hydrolysis style of cutting, and during this time will be adding no sodium to my diet. My question is should I keep carbs and fat levels at my normal range, (probably eat around 100-150grams of carbs via sweet potatoes on training days) and my body weight in fat a day as well. My concern about going ketogenic OR dropping fat is that it'll affect my performance even with a, even with a rehydration. anyone have any advice?

Grissim Connery 11-13-2012 01:08 PM

Cutting a legitimate 10# when you are already 8-10% bodyfat is kinda rough. You can easily shed some water, comfortably getting around 5# off. Another 5# of water cutting kinda sucks to cut, so it's up to you if you wanna cut water or actual fat. If you are weighing in the day of the competition, i wouldn't cut more than 5# of water. If you are weighing in right before you step on the mat (like at IBJJF tournaments), I wouldn't cut any water.

If you really wanna drop your carbs to lose weight, that's your call, but it's not pleasant trying to do multiple fights with depleted glycogen.

If you are competing at like a brown/black level, then dropping the weight may be important. If you are competing at a white/blue/purple level and you are 8-10% bodyfat, i would just relax and focus on skill and just fight at your weight. the only time I ever felt like i got beat by somebody and weight was an issue was during absolutes when the guys outweighed me by 40-60#. if you are that lean at 158#, you should be fine.

adam krause 11-13-2012 02:07 PM

Thanks Grissim
I am very new, and the competitions that are in my area coming up have a 6month and under category ( I am told that watching this looks more like a street fight then jits), and another upcoming comp has a white belt category that I'd fit into
What you're saying about the carb cutting is what I am worried about. I am doing a practice weight cut this week to see how I do, right now trying the water trick, and cutting down on fats. Mornings I've been having a cup of coffee with 1tbs butter, and then only eating salads and chicken, 1 tbs of EVOO with each salad. Trying to keep carbs up with half a sweet potato after each training day.
Weigh in for both comps are the day before, so with my practice cut I am going to simulate a competition day with more rounds. We will see if I actually am able to make the weight and how energy is.

The more I think about this, I rather just fight at my normal walk around weight and feel 100% energized and easily make that 159 division, but figure I should try this out now while I have the opportunity.

Grissim Connery 11-14-2012 06:37 AM

If this is your first competition, i can assure you that you are going to exhaust yourself regardless of your division. pacing and conserving your energy takes time to develop and gauge. If you cut weight and feel fine, then that's ok, but there's really no point in killing yourself over your first competition. There's a million things you're going to learn just by doing it in general. if the competition is really important, like money is on the line or something, then cut if you feel it is necessary, but in general, i would just focus on getting your skills better. that time investment developing your skills will pay off way more.

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