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Peter Little 01-07-2013 05:08 PM

Programming Question: Substituting kettlebell snatches for barbell
I'm using the Cathletics Main site 6 week Squat Program as a way to do a bit of programmed squat emphasis. I very much enjoy cleans, jerks, squats, deadlifts, but have found after years of attempts, I just can't remedy a strength inequality in my shoulders which always leads to shoulder pain with repeated snatching.

Since I'm not an Olympic lift competitor, never intend to be, just train for general fitness, I've surrendered barbell snatches. I can, however, kettlbell snatch all day without problems(which makes sense, given the relative ease of good form on kettlebell snatches compared to the technicality of barbell snatches.)

Any ideas of the best approach to substituting kettlbell snatches into snatch related movements in the 6 week programming? Double snatches for full snatches? relative weights for singles? What about for partial snatch moves?

And-can anyone see any harm in moving the partial snatch moves towards low volume deadlifts-giving a heavier strength focus, since I don't need or expect to need any snatch specific training?

Thanks ahead of time everyone...
Pete Little

Greg Everett 01-13-2013 10:24 AM

You can do KB snatches in place of snatches, but don't think of them as a substitute - really not even similar. Think of filling the missing volume and time created by removing the snatching from the program rather than the movement. That said, I would train with the KBs in the way that works for training w KBs, not trying to use a KB snatch like an Olympic lift.

You can add in some DLs if you want, just watch how you feel and make sure you're not going nuts - DLs for some people can add up quickly and be very taxing.

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