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Kyle Schillaci 08-13-2013 04:51 PM

Short in the Hip (Post Meniscus tear)
I was hoping to tap into the bank of knowledge here about a reoccurring issue I have been having following heavy squats and cleans. I had my meniscus repaired in January and was sticking to gymnastics work while it was recovering. Then while doing bar muscle ups the bar sheared off and I landed on a box breaking two ribs (tough luck I know). Long story short I am now back into training following the beginner template from Greg's book.

I am now, however, running into the problem of pain in my left anterior hip following anything hip dominant. There is clearly a difference in sides since it was my right meniscus tear and right ribs that I had problems with.

I was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to combat the imbalance in the hip? I am guessing the left side is picking up more of the load during squats as I can feel it shift slightly in the bottom. Are there any exercises to focus on rebuilding the right side? I spend about 10 minutes a day mobilizing up and down from the hip to try and loosen the tissue but it just seems to come back.

Any info greatly appreciated.


Kristian Manning 08-17-2013 12:13 PM

So right meniscus tear preceded by 2 left rib fractures preceded by chronic left anterior hip pain when cleaning or squatting ?
Right off the bat I'd start by integrating some hip focused unilateral exercises and just continue correcting any length tension imbalances. Soft tissue work, stretching, re-establishing proper movement pattern in squat and clean. Video record your movements for your own analysis and or have another trained eye take a look as well. IMO you can better prescribe corrective protocol when you establish what your doing wrong in your movement pattern.
By the way did you figure out what caused or led up to the meniscus tear? That might a great place start too?

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