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Patrick Steele 07-23-2014 06:08 AM

Scraping shins on Clean/Snatch
It wasn't until I was watching a slow motion video recently of some elite lifters that I realized the bar hardly ever touches anyone's shin on the first pull. I seem to always have some sort of scraping whether at the shin or on my knee sleeve during any sort of pull. What steps can I take to address this problem?



Blake Barnes 07-23-2014 03:51 PM

I feel like this has a some with mobility. If your hips or hamstrings are extra tight then it's more difficult to maintain a properly arched back and get the knees back at the same time. It still may happen to but it shouldn't be common among developed lifters. Also, it may have some to do with leg and torso length.

I use to have this problem when I first started lifting and it was really just a matter of getting my knees back out of the way. You can do some Snatch/Clean DLs to try to isolate that part of the movement and dial in on how you're bringing the bar off of the floor.

Daniel Villarreal 07-24-2014 06:01 AM

Funnily enough Iíve never had this problem until recently. I cut my shin real badly doing box jumps and ever since, about once a week I seem to scrape the old wound open again. Kinda like when you bite your cheek and then seem to keep biting the same spot over and over again.

Patrick Steele 07-24-2014 09:38 AM

Thanks for the reply you guys.

I wish I knew how to fix it, I am constantly wearing these stupid ShinSkins for shin protection which are a P.I.T.A. to get on/off.

Peter Maxwell 07-24-2014 09:59 PM


Originally Posted by Patrick Steele (Post 102149)
Thanks for the reply you guys.

I wish I knew how to fix it, I am constantly wearing these stupid ShinSkins for shin protection which are a P.I.T.A. to get on/off.

for the shins at least you could try getting the adidas weightlifting socks - my sons a US size 11 and he wears large. He doesnt snatch without them now. Dont know if you can get them from the adidas site. we got ours from dynamic eleiko site.


Javier Sanjuan 07-28-2014 10:52 AM


Like Blake said, I think this might be a flexibility issue. Look into his suggestions; those Snatch and Clean Deadlifts -- especially segment pulls -- are going to help you out.

If this isn't a result of the aforementioned issue, I'm going to offer up another suggestion that's slightly different: widening your feet in the start position, especially in the snatch. Based on people's limb lengths and comfort in the set up, I sometimes recommend that certain lifters spread their feet out during the set up. This seems to alleviate some issues, one of which is the shin scraping.

If it isn't any of the above, then it could be a result of inconsistency in your start position. If you're relatively new and doing a dynamic start, then you might want to revert back to a static start, or slow down the dynamic start, in order to build consistency.

You want that bar to have room to go back, but be careful to not put the bar too far away. The bar should generally be positioned over the mid-foot area to start out; if you're too far away, then your balance is going to be really out of whack.

Hope this helps,

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