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I will remember this of the worst sessions I've had in a long time. Not only did I have nothing in the leg tank but my intensity and mind were at a all time low...still trying to figure out wtf happened.

Back Squat (high bar)
warmups were brutal...225lbs felt like 295lbs...etc etc

345lbs x 5 - slow but got all the reps...which was a 5rep PR. This was it as far as positive things are concerend.

345lbs x fail...reracked it and got it 2 times then failed 2 more times...put 340lbs and got it once...and failed on second

so 345lbs x 2 / 340lbs x 2

340lbs x 2 and just legs whatsoever....felt like the nerves in my quads were spazzing out.

I won't even post my press workout....that was worthless as well....

Got 165lbs x 3 x 2 x 2 out of 15 reps.
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