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Thanks for the response. My knowledge on supplements and nutrition in general is pretty limited. I was just experimenting with the BCAA's becuase Andy Bolton recomended them pre workout in the book Deadlift Dynamite. I workout first thing in the morning fasted so it seemed like a logical thing to do. Since running out I haven't picked up more becuase it's not very cost effective. I'd like to think it was benificial but I really have no way of knowing for certain, because the week I ran out I changed my programing drastically, so there's too many variables to tell.

I'm really not set on taking supplements, at the same time my diet probably doesn't contain enough protien for the amount of strength training I do. I try to follow the old "at least 20 grams right after working out" rule, but getting it through whole foods can be difficult with my schedule. I suppose I will keep experimenting and alter my diet.
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