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Hunter Laing
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Thu 10-24-13

am - SASa2

wrist stretches

A1. toe pull HS drill - 3 x 5

Still not feeling these like I did on Monday, but better than yesterday and Tuesday. I might start supersetting the toe pulls with back body line drills because I feel like my body line might be the issue.

B1. band assisted tuck planche hold - red x 5 x 12 sec
B2. arch scap pull and hold - 5 x 3 w/ 4 sec hold on each pull

Tuck planches were much better today than they have been recently. I focused on mainly protraction, and not so much depression, and the holds were much stronger. I think that depression will be important in later stages, and that as I advanced through adv tuck and beyond the depression will be more necessary to maintain balance over the hands. Arch scap pulls were fine, but my arms were bending a little on later sets.

C1. lower through BL to GH pull - 5sec BL/5sec GH x 2 x 3
C2. RTO support - 2 x 15 sec

Only did two sets today because I was really starting to feel my elbows and forearms, especially on my right. I think this is probably because yesterday was super elbow intensive with exercises I haven't really done before, mainly the MUs for more reps than I've ever done and the rope chins. My right forearm is still feeling a little sore, but I'm not too worried about it.

D1. YTWL's - 3#s x 5 x 5

E1. wrist conditioning


pm - OLY

foam roll
band squat mob
band shoulder series
AM x 2

A1. 4x3 snatch off blocks (below knee) @ 80%
30 x 3
35 x 3
40 x 3
44 x 3
47 x 3
50 x 3
52 x 4 x 3 PR

Felt good on these. This is also a pretty big PR, as the last time I did sets of 3 off blocks below the knee I used 105#. I was really focused today on using my back to sweep the bar to my hips, and I was using a slightly different technique with my back where I would first flare my lats out and then pull my shoulders back, and it helps keep the bar nice and close. I also tried to get my torso a little more upright on the pull by shoving my knees out to the side at the start. This also worked pretty well, so I think I will start trying to get my knees sideways and out of the way on all snatches and cleans and see if it makes a difference.

B1. 3x3 snatch pull from hang @ 100% of max snatch
40 x 2 x 3
50 x 3
55 x 3
60 x 3
64 x 3 x 3

On these I worked on sweeping the bar into my hips and keeping it close after exploding. Usually the first rep of the set would swing out a little, but the next two would be close.

C1. 3x2 heaving snatch balance @ 85% of max snatch
b x 2 x 3
30 x 2
40 x 2
44 x 2
47 x 2
50 x 2
52 x 2
54 x 3 x 2 PR

These were feeling really good today, although the reps at 54 were a little slower than I would have liked. next time I do these, I really need to work on actively pulling myself under the bar with my legs.

So my elbow was annoying me all day, and it was feeling a little iffy walking into the gym, but after I got warmed up and started working with the bar I didn't really feel it anymore. As of right now I don't really notice it either, so I'm pretty happy with that.
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