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Hunter Laing
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Wed 11-6-13

am - SASa1

wrist stretches

A1. wall assisted straddle half press HS - 5 x 3
A2. lower to adv tuck FL hold - 5 x 15 sec

The press HS's felt pretty good today. I did em with my hands sideways so I wouldn't tweak my wrists like last time I was doing them, and my goal on each rep was to get my legs parallel with the ground one every rep. FL holds went well, and the first set was very extended, but as the sets went on I was extending less and less. I felt the retraction and depression pretty well though, and I was getting my lats into it a lot too.

B1. band assisted tuck planche - red/purple x 5 x 15 sec
B2. bent leg HLR - 5 x 10

Tuck planches were all over the place today. In later sets, I started focused almost exclusively on protraction and not worrying about depression as much and it made the holds a lot easier. I think that I might have been trying to depress my scape too much, and instead I need to let them depress naturally as I extended farther toward a straddle planche in the future.

The HLRs are a little awkward with my setup in my basement, because I can't hand with a straight body under my pullup bar, and with my legs completely straight I would be kicking the ceiling, so I just did what I could. The first sets felt pretty strong, but as I fatigued in later sets I started swinging a little to help me finish the reps. I'll be working towards doing all reps strict.

C1. YTWLs - 3#s x 3 x 5 each

Instead of cycling through each movement, today I did all 5 of each before moving onto the next. Made my upper back and shoulders feel all warm and fuzzy.

-So this SAS session, and the one I'll be doing this pm, are kind of a return to what I was doing in my first bw accumulation cycle, and I think this is better for SAS than just doing planche/front lever holds. My shoulders feel much better after this session than they have in a while after a SAS session, so I'm thinking something I should remember is that the scapula needs more variety in each session, and needs to be trained at lots of different angles to keep it feeling good.


pm - SASb2

wrist stretches

A1. RTO support - 5 x 20 sec
A2. arch scap pull w/ 3 sec hang - 5 x 5

RTO supports were feeling good. The first couple sets I felt very stable and strong, but on the last two sets I got some of that clicking in my left shoulder as I got into position. Arch scap pulls felt strong, but on the video I noticed that I was retracting my right scap a lot more than I was retracting my left. I think I have a better mind-muscle connection to my right side, so I might start doing some one sided retraction work on my left side to try and bring that up.

B1. segmented cast wall walk w/ three 3 sec pause - 5 x 3
B2. supinated german hang - 5 x 15 sec

The segmented cast wall walks were a lot harder than I thought they were gunna be, but they made my shoulders feel pretty good. supinated GH are a little harder on my elbow than pronated, which is why I'm working them before going back to GH pull work and BL work.

C1. YTWLs - 3 x 5 each

D1. wrist conditioning
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