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Hunter Laing
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Mon 11-18-13

wrist stretches

A1. muscle up - 1 rep every 1:30 x 13 *failed reps 10 and 13...

These were tough today. During the warm up, I missed probably 5 times before I finally made one and started the clock. After they were going smoothly for a while until #10, and then I started struggling. Oh well, I'm not too pissed about this because I have been eating like shit over the past week and drinking literally every night, while also not doing any physical exercise of any kind.

B1. ring chins / 31x1 - 4, 4, 3
B2. DFD pushups / 31x1 - 6, 5, 5

Fuuuck ring chins were hard today. I felt like I couldn't retract and depress as strongly as I wanted to and was having trouble feeling my lats during the pull. The DFD pushups also felt harder than the previous time doing this movement, but I made a technique breakthrough that probably contributed to this: I have previously been transferring my weight back to my feet after each press, but today I left as much weight as possible on my hands today.

C1. seated db ext rot - 5# x 3 x 10 each arm

I felt these a lot on both sides. Felt good.

D1. 90* iso chin up hang - 42 sec + 15 sec = 57 sec

I decided to add these in to develop some grip strength. The goal is to work up to 60 sec in one set, and then I'll probably start working towards one arm hangs. Today, I went for a third set, but my back was too shot to even pull into the 90* hang position, so I called it quits.

Notes: Even though everything felt generally shitty today, I'm glad that I finally got a session in. For the past week, I have been helping out my granddad since he just got out of the hospital after a string on surgeries on his eyes and knees. He has been taking me out every night to amazing restaurants, so I have been pretty lax on my diet, and haven't really had the time to get a session in. He is finally gaining some mobility back himself so I had a little time today to squeeze this session in, and I will hopefully have more time over the next week or two to get some more sessions in before starting back up with two-a-days when I get home.
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