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Sorry, it took a little bit for me to see your response here. If you're thinking 12 cals/lb to lose weight/fat, then you're likely right, but I'd do something like this first. This is going to be long, but I think it should answer any questions that may come up and give you something to come back to if need be. Still, feel free to continue to question.:
270 g/carbs, 270 g/protein, 120-130 g/fat... all per total lb of BW.

That should work out to between: 3240 and 3330 (approximate, a little over, a little under every day won't make much difference, 100-200 cals either way)

Which is approx 12 cals/lb on the low end with 120 grams of fat per day. Accounting for age when calculating BMR the estimate on the low(er) end at 14 cals/lb just to maintain comes up at 3780 ( call it 3800) cals/day. That's enough to generate ~1 lb drop per week. Once you've lost 5-10 lbs (not just initial water weight), assess progress. if you're losing steadily, then keep things the same. If you're not, then re work calories/macros and possibly activity (too little, too much?)

My guess would be a couple things with regards to current intake. Too much sugary crap (break room. mine at work is a killer, so I can empathize), too much starch in general... basically carbs that add up quickly. Oatmeal, if you don't have any intolerance issues, sweet potatoes, tubers and roots in general, fruit and vegetables. All are good choices, with the starchier choices best around workouts and other strenuous activity..

The second guess that I'd throw out there is the passive overconsumption of fat. It's easy to do. Next time you make a salad and decided to put some oil and vinegar on it, measure out how much you think you want/need of the oil in tablespoons. Each tablespoon is approx 14 grams of fat if it's olive oil. That's not a lot of oil. If you use 3 T of olive oil you've got 42 grams of fat for 378 cals. There goes your deficit if you don't make it up some other way.

My suggestion as you get on your way is to actually get an idea, like were were posting back and forth on earlier, of what you eat and what you need to eat to lose. If you're doing well, and not going crazy doing the measuring then keep it up. Don't fix it if it's not broken. It's the best way to stay accountable. If the measuring and counting is driving you crazy (understandable) then stop only once you have a solid idea of how much of each macro and how many calories are in the choice you're making.

Like Jay said, it's really not that complicated. Eat less, lose. Eat more, gain. The problem is that almost nobody knows how much food they're stuffing down each day. Snacking really adds up as well.

There are other ideas that can be applied as well, but I would start with an approach like this first.
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