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Originally Posted by Brian M Smith View Post
Not sure what to call it, so I went with salad, my father-in-law was telling me about this yesterday and it sounded pretty good/healthy so I figured I'd share it.

1 cup rice (jasmine, basmati, etc. I assume any kind would work, as long as its NOT instant).
frozen peas
red & green pepper, very finely diced
red wine vinegar
olive oil

1) make 1 cup dry rice according to package directions
2) when rice is done cooking, add frozen peas in (cools rice, thaws peas at same time)
3) add diced peppers
4) add 1-2T of both olive oil and vinegar and toss/stir to combine

5) can eat warm, or let cool/refridgerate and enjoy cool as well.

I imagine you could add some diced onions, garlic, etc as well and it would be good.
Nice, though I'd sub the rice and peas..................
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