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Default December Recap

Man, not a great month of training. But, I did keep the wheels turning. I developed a neck stinger (pinched nerve) that required a bit of ART, posture improvement, and rehab to address. The shoulder also started playing dirty. But, I did get a moderate linear progression run from 3 of 5 @ 185 -> 245 on squat and 155 -> 175 on BP. Nothing amazing, but still work. Also got in plenty of MobWODs, some custom MobWOD work, added in some DLs, MPs, and rows. Hit a SQ 3 of 315.

Got a nice long hike in (12.5 in 4:45) though the knees were very grumpy since the last long hike was in June.

Hit KBs the week of New Years, plus a bit. Mainly working on C+P to get away from rehab and more towards developing the shoulder. Doing 2-3-5-10 of 1C-nP or nC-nP (i.e., C-P-P-P... or C-P-C-P).

Not sure what's next for the next blocks of training. I definitely want to incorporate more regular CV type training. It will almost certainly be multi-modal (run, bike, swim, snow activity, kettlebells) and mix longer-slower with shorter-faster work. I definitely want to add arm and shoulder mass. On a whim, I measured my arms and legs: 28" thigh and 16" arms. Definite disparity. Don't even have to measure to see it. Need to keep the shoulder and hip happy. Want to keep moving the powerlifts forward. These are all workable together; not sure what, where, when.
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