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Man, not a great month of training.
Man, not a great month of training.

Do ya see a trend? Well, it's not -all- bad, but things have been better.

About three weeks ago, I had a serious back issue come up during warm-up sets of squats. Another reason to ALWAYS start with lighter weight. Had it been 185 (still a warm up weight) instead of 95, I might have been really fubar'd. Anyway, since November (and, in reality, longer), I've been dealing with increasingly annoying lower back/hip/SI joint/etc. issues. It's sort of come and gone. Anyway, after a day of heavy snow shovelling, the next day of squatting caused the serious issue (very pissed off disc in the lower lumbar) that sent me crawling to the ART chiro. Some soft-tissue work to relieve some of the excess tension let me sleep and move for the next week. And things calmed down. Another snow storm put some additional stress on the lower back (but thank you to the neighbours with snow blowers) and laid me up for the evening.

I'm now about 3 weeks out. This sort of injury is a 6 WEEK thing. So, while I'm feeling mostly ok. The level of pain is normally very tolerable (1-2/10) and only spikes to 3-4/10. But, if I *ding* it up again, it will be another 6 WEEKS before it really heals and ... on ... and ... on. Etc. So, I'm really trying to take it seriously and give the back time to heal. Snow shovelling is mandatory, but it looks like we might be mostly clear now.

So, no heavy bilateral leg/back work. No significant posterior chain work. No running. No rowing. Etc. But, I've been able to quad/glute leg work, remedial core work, upper arm stuff, and I've gotten at some walking (with and without weight vest) and swimming. I've also revisited ice skating which I hadn't done for about 10 years. Relearning how to skate stop (damn you, left turning skate stop) has been fun. And the real fun of skating is my 3-year old son is making his first strides.

So, hopefully 3 more weeks and I'll be able to --gradually-- start back into some heavier lifting. But, I'm planning on at least a 6 week ramp up to work weights (but still sub-max stuff).


I realized that only captures my training since later February. January itself was a mix of a $hit ton of shoveling and moving of *heavy* boxes of books, wgt. equipment, etc. The back survived, but I think it was increasingly injured by repeated exposures to the "uncontrolled real world". Fortunately, good friends and beer helped me through (thanks Bob & Bob & Jason & Jason and Three Penny). I also hit a few bouts of snowshoeing. All in all, I was physically active, just not in the gym. And, we finally have our home gym set up. My wife put some pics online, but I don't remember where. Heck, I don't need to logon anywhere to look at it! We just need a good adjustable weight bench. NYBB delivers quickly to us, but I'm not quite content enough with their benches. Craigslist in this area is somewhat disappointing. Later!

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