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Things still haven't been great. But I think I'm --starting-- to turn a corner.

I developed some serious lower back issues (and some severe neck issues). I have much greater sympathy for anyone who has ever "given up" their athletic endeavors due to chronic pain. I've always looked down on folks ... boy do I feel like an ass.

I imagine it will be at least three more months before I squat seriously (with seriously defined as reps with > 275 ... my PR is 345). I imagine a long slog of squat like movements, light deadlifts, etc. etc. I have to completely retrain my squat and pulling patterns. They developed (devolved) into some serious hyperextension at the lumbars, inactive torso (rectus ab, tva), inactive glutes, etc. Along with ... serious desk jockey posture.

Have you gotten to the point that mowing the lawn was causing pain? If so, I feel your pain.

Giving up and taking some relaxants and pain meds and quitting (all physical activity) would be so easy it is silly. But, I can't give up the activity. I'd end up ... well, I'd end. So, back up on that pony and time to keep slugging along.

Updates when something interesting happens.

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