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Wow, 2 years since I posted this. Time for a follow-up.

It took me another 6 months to actually get around to following Derek's suggestions; I actually started working on dropping weight in earnest at around May 2010, when I weighed in at 286. Things became progressively easier in June and July, as I am off most of the summer.

In the beginning I didn't notice much change so I ended up cutting calories a little further to 2500 cal or so; at that time I cut out all met-con style workouts because I remembered someone suggested a link between cortisol and stubborn mid section fat. Probably someone commenting in this thread, who knows. I ended up doing a lot of walking--4 days per week for an hour to two hours at a time--which seemed to help A LOT.

I had a sticking point about a month in so for a period of about 3 weeks I went low(ish) carb, and even tried a little IF, but it was sporadic. The low carb seemed to help. Low carb seems to work short term for me, but that's about it.

By the time September 2010 had rolled around, I was down to 246--a loss of 40 lbs.

I gained back about 10 lbs over the next year, compounded by the fact that I started eating crap again (long story). But I kept the other 30 off.

I still have about 20 to drop, so I'm going to still stick with Derek's recommendations. That plus the long walks, Complexes, and running 3x per week for no more than 30 min should do it. For some reason I have really taken to running and am finding it quite enjoyable.
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