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Thanks Grissim
I am very new, and the competitions that are in my area coming up have a 6month and under category ( I am told that watching this looks more like a street fight then jits), and another upcoming comp has a white belt category that I'd fit into
What you're saying about the carb cutting is what I am worried about. I am doing a practice weight cut this week to see how I do, right now trying the water trick, and cutting down on fats. Mornings I've been having a cup of coffee with 1tbs butter, and then only eating salads and chicken, 1 tbs of EVOO with each salad. Trying to keep carbs up with half a sweet potato after each training day.
Weigh in for both comps are the day before, so with my practice cut I am going to simulate a competition day with more rounds. We will see if I actually am able to make the weight and how energy is.

The more I think about this, I rather just fight at my normal walk around weight and feel 100% energized and easily make that 159 division, but figure I should try this out now while I have the opportunity.
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