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Default Nate's noobie weightlifting log

So I wanted to start this log, not necessarily as a way to track progress, but more to have some of the more experienced folks offer advice and input on what I'm doing.

Current stats:
age 27
bw 214# and dropping. Plan on being in the 190-200 range.
sn 185#
cj 250#
cn 255#
bs 315#
fs 275#

Did the typical "bodybuilding" type work for 2 years or so. Started crossfit full time back in June. That is where I was introduced to the O lifts and Ive really taken a liking to it. On a whim I entered a weightlifting competition on Dec 8th and I decided to actually take time to train these movements instead of just working them into the typical CF work.

This is the set up.
M-W-F Im working the O lifts
T-TH-SAT crossfit

The general plan is this

Day 1
Snatch heavy singles or doubles
Some sort of Clean Pull, Hang Clean or both weight is at a mid range 5x2
Front squat 5x2 80-85% of 1rm

Day 2
Snatch Pulls, Hang Snatch or both. weight is at a mid range 5x2
C&J heavy singles or doubles
Back squat 5x3 80-85% of 1rm

Day 3
Snatch 5x2 with a middle of the road weight.
Some sort of Clean Pull, Hang Clean or both weight is at a mid range 5x2
Front squat 5x3 75% of 1rm

This whole thing feels kind of cobbled together so please offer some advice on adjustments or outright changes if you think it would be beneficial.

Here is what today looked like. 11/19

C&J 5x2

Only miss was when I didnt get my face out of the way @205...

Clean pull + hang clean 5x (2-1)

Really trying to get technique down better so Ive been keeping the weight low on most of my snatch work.

Front squat 5x2

I probably could have done 235 across all sets but Im still feeling this out.

I will appreciate any and all input you folks have.

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