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Today I ran through my own little practice meet. As I expected I wasnt happy with my snatch but I was pretty happy about my c&j. Ive been having shoulder issues that really show up during the snatch. I got a shot today at the sport doc and he says I should be pretty much pain free by saturday. I also got some phys therapy work to do.

1 - 145#
2 - 160# miss
3 - 165# miss

Finished the snatch pretty angry with myself. How my shoulder feels on Saturday is really going to dictate what my 2nd and 3rd lifts will be. 145 will be the opener though.

1 - 225#
2 - 235#
3 - 250#

Hit them all and they felt solid. I was planning on only going up to 245 but I thought Id give my PR a go and it went up pretty damn easy. Depending on how I feel Saturday I might try to add 5# to the PR but Im really focusing on hitting all the lifts not necessarily hitting a new PR.
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