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Well my first meet is in the books. My first success of the day was weighing in at 93kg. Ive never had to make weight for something in my life so I was kinda worried about it.

66kg 145#
73kg 160#
82kg 180#

103kg 227#
107kg 235#
114 kg 251# miss

Im really happy with my snatch numbers because I had been struggling with it for a few weeks. I think I started it bit to low because I had more that 82 in the tank. Either way I hit all 3 which was the goal

My C&J warm up was real sketchy. I kept stumbling around and not getting fully locked out. First and second lift felt excellent so I tried for a PR on the third but missed it. Looking back I think the jump form the second to third attempt was too big but whatever, Ill remember that for next time.

Now that I have the first one under my belt Im really excited to get back in my gym and start getting some more weight on the bar. Hopefully I can find another local meet over the next few months.

GF got a pic of my 2nd C&J
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