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Default Knee problems

Hi everybody and thanks in advance for your help.

I've been having trouble with my knees. Especially the right one. I think it's patellar tendonitis. I've been icing it alot, took ibuprofen bomb and have been using EPA/DHA 1-2 grams daily. Took MRI photos of the right one and luckily there seems to be nothing too badly messed up; photos were ok. I've foam rolled my legs and streched them good too...

I took few weeks off from weightlifting and did only BJJ. It helped a bit but not that much. I still can't squat 100% (or even 70%). Since resting didn't really help, I started doing controlled 3-5 second pause squats with 50% and it feels ok. One day I was doing light squatting again and figured out that if I turn my toes (and knees) heavily out, there's no pressure on my knees and I feel no pain. Is it ok to squat this way? Why there's no pain in my knees when doing this? My foot angle is probably 50-60 degrees or even more.

Damn this is hard. Problem after another...
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