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Breakfast: leftover rotisserie chicken with a grated apple

Lunch: gluten-free cheese enchilada with corn tortillas

Snack: roasted seaweed chips

Dinner: beef tajine (carrots, onions, raisins, butter, etc.)

Oh, and I had some Evening in Missoula tea while waiting to meet with someone who ended up no-showing.

No BJJ today, but there was Oly at 1, so I went down to that. Started with sn up to 24kg sets of 3 (my max is 28, but I've been out for a couple weeks), then c+j sets of 2 up to 36 (my max is 40), then did shoulder presses, I forget how high, then squatted up to 40 X 5, can't remember my max. And then some sit-ups.
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