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Javier Sanjuan
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I would recommend remaining at -69kg. The benefit is the increased ability to recover and strength gains you'll see. From your verbage, it sounds like you're relatively new to the sport. You're going to see incredible gains, both in strength and size, so don't drop weight for immediate results. If this is something you want to continue doing, keep a long-term propsective. Most of all, ENJOY the experience!

Before I started weightlifting and then competing, I was a wrestler. I loved the sport; needless to say, I was always cutting weight. Regardless of my passion for the sport, I was physically, emotionally, and mentally drained as the season progressed. I couldn't be happier now with the opportunity to focus on strength gains and, if mass comes as a result (which it is and will continue to do so), then so be it. I started as a -94kg (weighing roughly 91-93 kg naturally), then began a dedicated program that bumped me up to -105kg while naturally weighing 103kg. Your weight shouldn't determine if you should compete. The experience you'll gain from competing is much more valuable as you progress in the sport.

My additional advice would be to eat as cleanly as possible -- you want the weight gain to be good weight, not lard.

I hope this helps you.

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