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Breakfast/Lunch: bacon, and then I realized I had no eggs, so I heated up some leftover chicken dish.
Snack: I had a mocha with whipped cream, but it was at an ice cream place where I met a friend, so I was proud of myself for not getting 3 scoops of Nicollet Avenue Pothole (which is the best name for ice cream, ever.
Dinner: this awesome soup Todd made. it had chickpeas, though. oh and some popcorn. I guess we're not strictly Paleo, though we're mostly Paleo and I am pretty strictly gluten-free.

Workout: None. I was thinking of going to BJJ, but 1) I'm still sore from squatting on Tuesday 2) I had three deadlines, a conference call and a meeting--just finishing up at midnight as is 3) we're leaving town tomorrow for Invicta in Kansas

No BJJ on New Year's, out of town for 2 days, and yet I still got 2 days of class in this week and 1 day of lifting...and I'll get one hotel workout in. Is that enough? Who knows. I still want to average 3X BJJ/week, so I'll do more next week. Tues Oly, Wed/Thurs/Fri/Sat BJJ. I have nighttime stuff on Mon and Tuesday but Oly ends earlier, so it works.
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