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Javier Sanjuan
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Well, it just depends if you can actually cut weight and still feel strong. I still recommend staying at -69kg, but everyone here has great points, too.

I would advise you to continue working out as you do and seeing how your body reacts (i.e., weight gain, strength development) since you're still new. Your numbers are going to continue to rise, and you don't want to limit your growth because you're worried about your weight. You might be a solid -69kg if you train correctly, recover correctly, and eat just as well.

You can continue to train and compete as often as possible with whatever national meet you have in mind (like the American Open). Since the American Open just finished, you literally have another year where you can fit four or five different meets that will help you gauge where you are, see if you can cut weight or stay where you are, and attempt to get that qualifying total. Like Tamara pointed out, the gap in qualifying total is huge between -62kg and -69kg, and you're current total is right there in order to qualify as a -62kg. However, you also have another full year of working out to fill out/grow. It may be really hard to cut down by then when your goal is to always be stronger to snatch and clean and jerk more -- muscle growth/weight gain will be an inevitable part of that training, especially if you're new to the movements. Next year is also not the end if you don't make it.

Just my take on it -- I hope this helps you in some way.

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