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Slept in missed run time, took a rest day.

BW = 188

Running form drills - ~5:00
run - 24:03 = 10:09 - 1.06 miles + 1.40 - 13:57 = 2.46 total miles = 9:46/mile pace

pushups - 4 minutes = 74 total
band pressdown - average band x 20, x 20
standing concentration db curl - 20 x 12
standing db curl - drop set - 40 x 6 + 35 x 4 + 30 x 3 + 25 x 3 + 20 x 4

-Slow run day plus whatever in the gym
-Run - Got lost after the first ~1.5 miles, ended up back tracking, super foggy outside, need to preplan a little better next time but had to do a long run today to stay on schedule- the run itself wasn't bad
-pushups - awful, I did better on my the Army 2 minute test than I did with an additional 2 minutes
-other gym stuff - for the heck of it only had a few minutes left in the gym before I had to head home
-Moved carb nite to tonight since squats are tomorrow
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Pain is your companion, don't go hide from it."
-Kelly Starrett
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