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Default Body weight Routine Discussion

This is a MWF routine that switches between AxBxAxx and BxAxBxx. On my rest days except sunday, i would do a off day routine like this.

1.Cardio- either whole body Interval training, sprint intervals, or Go for a Run

2.Skill training- Hand stands, l-sit, and grip work

3.Static training- plank, hollow, superman, reverse plank, asian squat, wall squat, and side planks.

4.Foam roll

5.Full Body Strech

This is what my actual Workout Routine looks like.

A Day
upper/lower body dynamic strech routine

1.Deadlift 3x8

warm-up 1x12 1x7 50% 1x5 60% 1x3 70% 1x1 80%

2.Weighted Inverted Rows 3x8

warm-up 1x8 inverted rows 1x8 tucked Front leaver pulls

3. weighted Pseudo Planche Push-ups 3x8

warm-up 1x8 Pseudo Planche Push-ups 1x8 leaning planche

4. One Legged Back Leaver static 2 sets of 6 seconds

B Day
upper/lower body dynamic strech routine

1.Pistol Squat 3x8

warm-up 1x8 bw squat 1x8 half rom pistol squat

2. One Arm Chin-up Training 3x8

warm-up 2x8 chin-ups

3. Hand Stand Push-up Training 3x8

1x8 wrist-push-ups 1x8 wall runs

4. AB wheel 3x 8-12 Max roll out against wall


1. I might switch up the order of the first 3 excercises on both days, prioritizeing a different excercise, but im not sure if i should.

2. I will eventually add weight to my Pistol Squat

3. On my one are Chin-up training i will do as many reps i can with 1 finger and one arm, then 2 fingers one arm, and finish the set with weight, i also do negatives on each one armed rep.

4. Im not sure weather to do wrist push-ups on my dynamic warm-up on my B day, or to use them as part of my warm-up sets for my HSPU

5. I am doing weighted Rows and Pseudo push-ups to eventually get my planche, and front leaver.

Tell me what you Gentelmen/women think. Thankyou In advance.
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