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John Donovan
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WU, DROMs, Mob

Sn triples from above knees- 95x3, 115x3 with singles of 135x2

Snatch(full) attempt of 177# with 3 misses that were either lost at the bottom or on the way up from bottom. Really close to getting this lift!

Cleans- 135x5, 185x3, PR attempt ofr 245#-miss

Snatches felt great today. Great pulls and seemed quick under the bar. The upper resp. infection I have was very much evident during the cleans, taking all my energy away. I have difficult times getting weights that I consider working weights. Tried 245# for grins and if I had a little more juice to get under it would've been a good lift. Second pull got the bar to chest height with good vertical path. Soon......
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