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I have to take a different stance on this. Competitiveness, with the right coaching and environment, is REALLY beneficial. It helps develop the young child mentally and emotionally to handle victory and defeat. It instills discipline. If they have a disciplined coach, then those athletes will know that a deviation from optimal technique will increase their likelihood of being injured, less weight being lifted, and be involved in a training regimen that beats those principles into them on a daily basis. If they're just let loose to do whatever, then it's a problem. However, if their coach doesn't allow it during training, they most likely won't do it during a competition, either. If there was no competitiveness in fitness, then we wouldn't have World Strongest Man competitions, either. I think CrossFit took a weird turn and that there many things wrong with the culture they foster; if you have strict and disciplined coaches, much of that danger is mitigated.
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