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Another bender....hate this first workouts after several days of drinking..

Clean & Jerk
240lb x 1 jerk / failed on 2nd jerk attempt
240lb x1 jerk / failed on 2nd jerk
240lb.. got both cleans failed on both jerk attempts
245lb clean x 2
245lb clean x 2

*first time jerking in almost a month...wanted to test out the shoulder. Felt really weak over stability.

A. Pendlay Rows 208lbs x 5 x 3
B. 1 Arm KB push press x 10 x 3 @ 2 pood

Back Squats
300lbs x 5 x 3

All and all a weird workout...felt weak on clean and jerks...jerks were horrible. Kinda expected it though. Right shoulder issue is issue. Wonder when it will heal. Legs felt really sore and weak in the cleans...more than likely from all the alcohol I drank over the last 2 days. I think it is the way I sleep when I pass body always feels wrecked afterwards. Squats felt good though...weight wasn't bad. Did 5x3 vs the 5x5....Maybe I should've went for the 5x5??
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