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breakfast: leftover Paleo chili
lunch: the rest of the chili
snack: 3 brownie bites, cheese and fruit, a couple crackers
dinner: the rest of the chicken egg drop soup

workout: just 3 rounds of 20 each pushups, situps, jumping jacks. busy day.

breakfast: eggs and bacon
linner: a banana and almonds
dinner: rotisserie chicken, mixed greens with oil & vinegar

workout: open mat; was late due to snow so I got 3 7-minute rounds in

breakfast: sweet potato hash with two fried eggs on top
lunch: mixed greens salad with some of the leftover rotisserie chicken and some tomatoes and dressing
snack: I finally let myself have a large mint condition cooler. so worth it.
dinner: pork rib and onion and still drinking my cooler an hour later.
snack: carrots and guac. gross, lol. i want chips.

workout: Saturday AM open mat. My friend from Milwaukee visited!!! It was so great rolling with her. I haven't seen her in a year, and she recognized specific areas where I've improved. After 137 classes (I track them on foursquare) and no change in rank, it's nice to know I've at least improved a little.

breakfast: scrambled eggs and bacon
snack: sushi--assorted California rolls with brown rice. also had the samples at Trader Joe's at around 5 or so...some kind of tea/juice and half a meatball with some kind of sauce
dinner: Paleo Pad Thai. so yum.
snack: a handful of Honey Dijon potato chips and one of those cookie butter candy bars from Trader Joe's

workout: none; always rest on Sundays

breakfast: eggs and bacon
lunch: the rest of the Paleo Pad Thai
snack: an orange and some almonds
dinner: some lentil soup from a can. not the best choice, but works in a pinch

workout: BJJ Phase 2. We worked on two different ways of stuffing the butterfly sweep/passing butterfly guard, and then did some rolling. nice to know i can still smash people who came in way after me and now have the same rank I do. rank is stupid but it's annoying not to get it, esp. since i don't really want to compete as a white belt anymore.
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