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breakfast: I totally skipped it to make it to my hair appointment in time. herbal tea at the hair place.

lunch: client meeting. 6 oz. flat iron steak, pan roasted, with bearnaise on the side, and 2 scrambled eggs, whole wheat toast, fruit. so yeah, that's a cheat meal, but could've been worse

dinner: chicken sausage, squash and sweet potatoes

snack: went out for drinks/cupcakes with my friend who just landed a sweet new job. one glass of chardonnay and one Irish car bomb cupcake (Guinness cake filled with Bailey's mousse and topped with Jameson buttercream). and 4 chips with salsa. (4 chips! lol but really that's all I had)

So yeah, not very disciplined on Tuesday.

workout: nothing. I got too busy with work between these meetings, and didn't sleep enough last night to feel up for it.)


back on track!

breakfast: eggs, bacon, half an avocado

lunch: leftover squash/sweet potato/Italian sausage stuff from last night

dinner: shrimp cooked with chili powder, salt, garlic, and a little orange juice (plus a slice of orange while cooking)

workout: I actually drove all the way to jits and then Tim reminded me 7:45 isn't on Wednesdays, so I felt dumb and drove home. I couldn't go do advanced b/c my arm was sore from tuina (ancient Chinese arm torture), so I just did a bodyweight workout: 3 X 20 each squats jumping jacks and crunches. Usually I do pushups but did squats instead. This workout is way too easy.

We've pinpointed that the parts of my arm that hurt the most are my brachiaradialis (which I strained like 6 or 7 years ago) and my tricep and possibly some damage to the back of my arm/elbow area, but even though he's digging in deeper every week, we still haven't gotten deep enough to know for sure, but he said probably next week he might want to use some needles too, to get more chi/blood/whatever flow to those joints. only thing he's worried about is whether or not there's calcification in the joint but no way of telling really.
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