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KBWU ~5:00
running form drills
strides at the top of the minute x 3
Race Pace - 3:45/0.5mile,3:51/0.5mile = 1 mile @ 7:36
strides at top of the minute x 6

Row @5 - 10:00 =2274m's
KB circuit w/35#KB - 5:00 - 2H swing x 25, 2H swing x 25, long cycle C+P x 12L/R, 1H swing x 5L/R, H2H swing x 10
Elliptical - 15:00
treadmill - 10:00
stair climber - 5:00

-did this today instead of going for a long run - based off the Roadwork 2.0 article by Joel Jamieson today went for a total of 45 minutes trying to stay below 150BPM's but I really do need to get a HR monitor
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