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Default I got the weights, you got the space!

Hello everyone,
I was wondering if there was anyone in the Downtown/Colonial Orlando, FL area who wants to make a garage gym but doesn't have the equipment.

I currently have a bunch of equipment that I will need to move out of my friends basement in mid june. He is moving and cant take his half with him, so he is giving it to me.

What I need is a basement, storage unit, whatever, that is about 80 square feet minimum. If its tall enough to military press, that would be awesome.
I am willing to pay rent (its up to you how much) OR we can share the equipment in exchange for free rent. I would need reasonable access hours, like 9 am to 9 pm 3-4 days out of the week. If you would like to work out together, that would be cool too.

Equipment I have:
  • Squat & Deadlift platform
  • -Olympic Bench Press
  • -Squat Rack
  • -4'X3' eraser board to write programming.
  • -390 lb of Olympic weights including the olympic bar.
  • -2 curl bars.
  • -About 300 lb in standard weights and a standard 15lb bar.
  • -I also have a home made Prowler (weight sled).
  • -A pair 25lb Hex Dumbbells.
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