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Great session today, 5 days out from NZSM2013.

Trained with the guys at Matt's place, started off with 300kg Tyre Flip worked through 12 flips focusing on good technique, was really 3 sets of 4 with about 10-20 seconds rest in between.

Next up was some Farmers Walk with the 120kg weights, did 2 runs at 25m, felt really good, wanted to a run of 50m but decided to leave it with an optimal finish as 50m runs would have taxed my grip.

Then we did some 160kg Anvil Carry, beast of an event. Worked on some picks and then did 2 runs of about 25m, halfway through each run I stopped, lapped the Anvil and zerchered it back up. This method worked really well, competition day I am going to go as far as I can before my grip slips and then when it does, I will squat, lap, Zercher lift and reset my grip and hopefully get some more meters. Instead of just running till my grip slips.

Last up we did my favorite event, STONES! First I did a slow and steady run of all 5 stones, 101kg, 114kg, 126kg, 139kg, 155kg. I lapped each one and sat in the bottom of the squat with each stone for about 15-30 seconds, less for the heavier 2. Just feeling the weight and getting use to it. Second time round I went through the first 4 with some effort and then attacked the 155kg S.O.B. and then finished with some more picks of the 155kg on its own.

Very productive, will go in the gym at some point in the week and do some more light events and then probably rest from Wednesday till NZSM.
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