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Okay so after 3/11 I went to Boston for a conference, and was staying with a friend in Somerville, and without a car it was really hard to find good food, etc. So here's what I ate.

breakfast: eggs and bacon
lunch: chai latte
dinner: chicken, kale and baked sweet potato
workout: nothing, just packing

breakfast: leftover rotisserie chicken cooked with cinnamon and apple
lunch: airport food: salad with spring greens, grilled chicken, olives, tomatoes, a little goat cheese, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper
snack: airplane snacks--crackers and hummus and green olives and things (no not Paleo but it was the best I could find) plus almonds
dinner: at my friend's house! hot dogs (I didn't eat the bun), beans, chili, sauerkraut
workout: lots of walking down airport runways, carrying my suitcase up flights of stairs. it counts! lol

breakfast: none
lunch: at a cafe at the conference; the healthiest thing I could find: Chef's salad with mixed field greens, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, turkey, ham, cheese, hard boiled egg, balsamic vinaigrette dressing. Also a cappucino (trying to wake up a bit)
dinner: some rice and fish, a few bites of potato gnocci, some clam chowder (no oyster crackers), some fruit, a few other random things I really can't remember. 2 pieces of sushi--they just had tons of food tables. oh some veg and guac. two tiny muffins (they're like miniature--so i'd say both of them were about 1/4 of a whole one)
Incidentally, I was stunned at how much junk food they had at this conference, including big boxes of candy and movie popcorn--I didn't have any though
workout: lots of walking to buses and subways and things

breakfast: eggs, bacon, potatoes, yogurt, two cups of coffee with cream and sugar
lunch: Harvest salad with romaine lettuce, mixed greens, grilled chicken, dried cherries, pears, Gorgonzola cheese and toasted pecans (though honestly mostly just lettuce which I couldn't finish) more coffee sugar cream before editor meetings
snack: an apple
dinner: Roasted Chicken with “green bean casserole”, fingerling potatoes, and Madeira-thyme jus. I think the green beans had some flour stuff. also I had some kind of drink but I forget what was in it; i know it had mezcal though. open bar...
workout: 2.1 miles of sleep-deprived walking in the freezing cold.

breakfast: quiche, chicken apple sausage, hash browns, fruit, yogurt, coffee, etc.
lunch: salad with dressing on the side, salmon, rice, broccoli raab, roll, coffee
snack: they had epic free dessert. I had one gluten-free cake pop and two of these tiny little wafers, and a tiny thing of mousse (these were like the size of shot glasses)
dinner: chicken, fingerling potatoes, some veggies, a couple strawberries, and another mini cupcake.
workout: .4 miles of walking

breakfast: a bagel with cream cheese and a donut. (i know, i know...but it was all they had!) and two cups of coffee. (relying on conferences for food = no bueno)
lunch: nothing...conf ended, went to the flower show to meet my friend and stayed there all day
dinner: st. patty's boiled dinner: corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, carrots
workout: nothing. so sleep-deprived and little room to move around at my friend's house

brunch: I had leftover boiled dinner (corned beef, potatoes, carrots)
snack: I met a writer friend for coffee and had a "Blue Machine" juice thing b/c I didn't want coffee due to sleep-deprivation. i know, loaded in sugar
another snack: I had to kill time at Starbucks between friend #1 and #2 so I had a tarragon chicken salad sandwich with chicken, celery, cranberries and whole wheat bread
dinner: I went out with another friend for barbecue and had steak, broccoli and potatoes with barbecue sauce. then we went out for drinks and I had a margarita and some other mixed drink. because fuck it. traveling.
workout: very little. we went to the science museum and so walked around a lot to chase a 6-year-old and i was hanging with friends other than that

breakfast: a handful of mixed nuts
lunch: canned chicken noodle soup (my other alternatives were lasagna and sandwiches on white bread)
dinner: lentil soup with veggies
workout: none. this was the day I was gonna visit cressey's gym and lauzon's gym but the snow made it impossible, bummer.

breakfast: none
lunch: none
snack: California Cobb sandwich, fruit and cheese box (on the airplane, best I could do)
dinner: pulled pork and broccoli slaw
workout: a ridiculous amount of running in the airport

breakfast: eggs and bacon
lunch: leftover pulled pork and broccoli slaw
snack: handful of raisins and sunflower seeds
dinner: chicken, kale, sweet potatoes
snack: a couple handfuls of plantain chips and guacamole
workout: nothing. I got tuina and my arm was SO sore and honestly still sore from all that running yesterday; who knew running three times in an airport would give you shin splints?

The good news on 3/21 was we figured out the source of what's wrong with my arm, which should help

breakfast: leftover rotisserie chicken cooked with shredded apple and cinnamon
lunch: homemade Paleo chili
dinner: Gypsy soup (no not Paleo b/c chickpeas). olive oil, onion, garlic, sweet potatoes, celery, tomatoes, kale, chickpeas, cinnamon, cayenne, bay, coconut aminos, smoked paprika, turmeric, basil, salt, water, etc.
another dinner: more stew (after training)
workout: open mat; 3 7-min rounds. wanted 4, but not a lot of guys rolling. there were 8 guys on the mats and 3 i won't train with because they're too new, too big, too spazzy, etc. and the timing just didn't work out--the last guy i wanted to train with was done for the day

breakfast: scrambled eggs, bacon and some blueberries (not a lot)
lunch: post workout smoothie: spinach, kale, banana, honey (he probably put a teaspoon in the whole blender so I'm guessing I had 1/3 tsp), coconut cream, water/ice. also had 2 hardboiled eggs
dinner: probably the equivalent of 3 slices of pizza; todd's parents took us out for dinner and I didn't want to make a fuss and order salad which I didn't want so we ate what everyone else had
snack: 3 beers; met friends for birthday drinks. so yeah
workout: open mat; got 6 7-minute rounds in; doin' good

breakfast: breakfast skillet: we just used sweet potatoes, red peppers, chicken apple sausage, onion, etc.
snack: licorice mint tea
lunch: stir fry with ground pork and lots of veggies
snack: a peanut butter and jelly candybar from trader joe's (because we always buy a candy bar when we go to TJ's and because I wanted one); also I tried some salad they were sampling and some peach juice (not a lot)
dinner: one sweet corn tamale and one chicken and cheese tamale. because we didn't feel like cooking and found these frozen and because we wanted to eat them.
workout: none, I rest on Sundays

So all caught up! It's been a year since I started keeping this log. Unfortunately, I don't think I've made that many strides in the year. I guess my weight is lower because I was topping the scales at 156 and am now down to 151, but I was 145 for many many years (would lose weight and get to 141 for competition and then cut 3 lbs of water weight) and 135 is my ideal, so hopefully I can lose 16 lbs. in the next year or so. Then again my body comp has improved, so maybe I should stop looking at pounds anyway.

My BJJ coach is going through personal issues and it's been forever since anyone's been promoted, so I'm going to stick it out with my gym for now (contract through the end of November) and then if nothing's changed after that I'll reassess. I just feel like it'd be meaningless to compete as a white belt at this point, and I want to compete, so...
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