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NZSM Day 1:

BW 94kg, training volume has decreased in the last three weeks and I have gone from 90-94kg. No surprise there, just water weight and body fat, doubt I added any muscle mass.

Event 1: Truck Pull - was first up for the event, start felt good, finish felt good, although looking at the video I got really upright in the middle and the Truck slows noticeably. Always learning time was about 49 seconds.

Event 2: Log-Lift - 100, 110, 120 miss. I should have been a bit more strategic with this event, I let the excitement take control here and didn't follow the plan :/ plan was to go 100, 110, 115 and secure a placing and then go for 120 and above. Hopefully I learn my lesson this time, I did something similar at Counties and at the Fit Expo. Fit Expo I went 110, 120, 130 miss, and again if I had gone 125 I would have secured a good placing haha oh the excitement

Event 3: Hercules Hold - heavier than last year at 122kg, at 10 seconds I felt good for 50-60 seconds and then at 20 seconds I felt good for 40 seconds haha and at 32 seconds I could feel my elbow joints screaming f*** ... Had decided that if the weight began to slip to the finger tips to drop it there as the Farmers Walk is also heavier and will be hard if I smash my grip. Will the decision be a smart one, or should I have grinder for more seconds on the Hercules Hold. I guess we will see tomorrow.

Event 4: Anvil Carry - Anvil had felt really good in training, nice and easy and had done some fast 50m zerchers too. Honestly was aiming 75-100m here to place Top 3. As soon as I picked it and began running I could feel my quads pumped! At 25m my mind was saying FAST FEET! GO! GO! GO! but my legs were saying WHERE BEAT! NO! NO! NO! haha first time experiencing that, I still managed to get 50m and then turned back for another 25m, the Anvil began to slip so instead of letting it drop away I squatted down and reset myself. Great move here as I managed another 2 and a bit meters and got ahead up into 3rd place! Yeah buddy!

7th Overall after Day 1, 2nd-8th place are all very close, anything could happen tomorrow. Mistakes with the strategy and not following the game plan on the Log and Herc may have been a big mistake, certainly knocked me down a few places.

Need to PB on all events tomorrow if I want to place in the Top 5, very excited! Hopefully I can sleep tonight haha
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