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Mike ODonnell
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Originally Posted by Jason Naubur View Post
Thanks, I'll re-read your articles.

My concern is that her diet is very good, and she has been quite strict. I am very proud of her commitment - but something needs to change. I understand the difficulties of Internet Diagnosis, I guess I was hoping for some secret tricks I haven't come across yet.

We'll refocus on the diet, and see how we can tweak it for her.

Tweak her diet but also look at some other lifestyle issues...there may be hormonal consequences going on somewhere as the bigger factor (like lack of quality sleep...or something else like thyroid issues).
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Jack Alan
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His weight loss plan is very good and also eating plan.
And i think she also have to do some changing in her daily routine.
I think she do some bell exercise in the morning for 30 mints and after that go on walk for 1 km.
Neglect all the fat and oily foods and mostly use fruits and boiled vegetables.
drink 8 to 10 glasses of water instead of soft or soda drink.
I hope it will have positive effect on her body and make good body figure...
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Hall James
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Hi Jason,
In breakfast swap break with brown bread, cheese with low fat cheese in lunch and add fish in her meal plans. Whole grain bread, salmon fish, eggs, oatmeal, garlic and onion, chilies, berries, broccoli, lean chicken, low fat dairy, almonds, brown rice, olive oil and citrus fruits and great to burn fat so add them in your meal plans.

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Tamara Reynolds
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Whenever I have leaned out (including to the point of being ridiculously lean), I've gone very strict "clean." Call it Paleo or Primal or whatever you want, but this is what has worked for me and for anyone I have coached who wants to reduce bodyfat. It's not the diet that works for me as an ATHLETE, but I don't understand being so pain in the ass about weighing and measuring with the Zone when you don't have to weigh and measure in order to lose weight.
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Thomas Brenden
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I agree with what Tamara said. It pretty much just falls off if you go strict paleo/primal.

The insipid "whole grain, low fat" thing seems to be quite antiquated, and nearly anyone who has tried it didn't have great results unless they were severely restricting calories. And even that will hit a wall.
Losing body fat is really a lot easier than I ever imagined. Strict paleo, lift heavy a couple times a week, sprint a couple times a week, and walk first thing in the morning a couple times a week and it will melt off.

Oh, and the Zone is stupid.
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Aimee Anaya Everett
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If your wife isn't seeing results that she is happy with, I would recommend trying 30 days of Paleo- she will be able to eat more food so she's not hungry all the time, and I have found that people are much happier and feel better about their results.

Robb Wolf has a great 30 day plan you can find here: http://robbwolf.com/shop/products/30...ransformation/

It comes with a shopping list, 30 days of meals and everything. People see great results, as other folks in this thread have mentioned about Paleo.

Let me know if you have any questions, or you can search around Robb's site for anything. It is more than informative.

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