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Steven Low
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Yep, at some point you have to get away from the analysis and just get back to the basics.

Congrats so far.
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Mike ODonnell
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Originally Posted by Liam Dougherty Springer View Post
I too have not been posting for a while as I have just been enjoying this self fullfiling period of unique and personal training...

I have decided that while all of the knowledge I have been gaining has served great purpose I am so happy to finaly feel confident in my actions that I am going to just go with my gut for a while.
Good job....keep up the good work. More people would do better with gains if they shut off the computer for a couple months and just go do the stuff that is said over and over again...and listen to your body.
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Liam Dougherty Springer
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Originally Posted by George Mounce View Post
If you are trying to gain strength and weight I would only fast on rest days and no more. Rest of the time eat that food!
This is reviveing a pointless thread but I felt like checking in I have been rediculousely buisy and have a wife and kid on the way since last year.... I am verry happy.

That beeing said I have also gained 30 pounds since 09/08 and am significantly stronger. While I am not as lean as I was The weight I have gained has been pretty clean maybe a 5% increase in BF.

I took your advice George I just trained ate and got as much sleep as possible learning to rest enough has been key. I have done primarily strength and hypertrophy work but a little of everything was mixed in.

Also to be on track with this thread I am just more comfortable IFing and eat when I am hungry I have no problem getting the caalories in or recovering but I will often get hungry early in the day or late... I really don't care if I am hungry I eat... It just so happens I tend to not get hungry till after I work out which is sometimes after my first run of clients around 1pm.
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