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Ashley Birkedal
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Default Ashley's Training Log

Hi Everyone!

Just a quick introduction: Im a 23-year-old CrosFitter from Winston-Salem, NC. I have been doing CrossFit for about a year and a half now, and before that I was a competitive dancer. It was a strange transition from ballet to CrossFit and Olympic Lifting, because mobility has never been an issue for me, but I had to start at square one with strength and conditioning.

I really want to start taking Olympic Lifting more seriously, because eventually I would like to be competitive. My local box is fantastic, as are the coaches, but I want to start reaching out the wider community and get some feedback and accountability.

My current snatch max is 100lbs, and my Clean and Jerk max is 115lbs. I know that my biggest limiting factors right now are squat strength and technique consistency. I was limited for a while with a hip flexor injury, so I am just now working back up to my previous squat percentages. My gyms programming is really good right now, so I think that I will see some progress in these areas.

Thank you for letting me introduce myself, and Ill keep yall posted!

Ashley B.
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Ashley Birkedal
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