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Mike ODonnell
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I've not taken fish oil in over a year....but eat more herring/sardines.

I find it interesting that fish oil is like a 2:1 ratio for EPA-DHA.....yet sardines/herring are more 1:1 ratio.
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Garrett Smith
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I would do the herring or sardines, but after taking them for a long time they started to not sit well with me, thus my particular interest in the algae DHA (supposedly no fish-burps with this stuff either, so compliance is much better).
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Tony Ferous
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I noticed iherb have this special on, just ordered a few, its only 5 bucks!

Jarrow Formulas, Max DHA Liquid, Lemon Flavor, 200 ml (6.67 oz)

Per 5ml:

Ultra Pure Omega-3 Fish Oil
Purified by Molecular Distillation
1450 mg Omega-3 (TG)
750 mg DHA/450 mg EPA
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Jeremy Myers
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I have been interested in algal DHA supplementation since a seminar with Mat Lalonde. While looking for a particular product I have found a high percentage of the algal DHA supplements also have high oleic sunflower oil which is an extremely potent source of Omega 6s if memory serves. Anyone know more about this? I would love to find a less expensive product than the Thorne version but thought it is probably counterproductive if it is full of Omega 6s as well.
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