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floyd nelson
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Just a nice new bar. It is the best way I think of keeping the callus down. I think to keep them from ripping is to chalk. Make it a decent amount. I think when your hands are sweaty and the bar slips in your hand. They rip then. I had my hands only rip one time over the years.
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Tyson Wright
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BTW, I've been using elastoplast sport tape for a couple weeks now after this post. My thumbs thank you very much.
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Drew Barquist
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Originally Posted by Tyson Wright View Post
Any recommendations on where to buy elastoplast sport tape in the US? I was thinking Amazon.com...on a different note, when I searched for Tite-grip, I wasn't expecting info on pole dancing.
I don't know about elastosport tape specifically, but I found a great deal on elastic athletic tape on Findtape.com

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john arthor
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Use fine grit sandpaper to keep calluses smooth.Don't remove them, just keep them smooth with no rough edges - that's what causes tears usually.
Des Moines Jiu Jitsu
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