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Eddie Paz
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My first high bar squat in a while and i just couldnt get my body into the correct position... i wonder if I ever did?

I did this at 80kg to try to work at my form, a bad decision I think because it was too heavy to really push my body back, and not heavy enough to feel like a solid lift.

So I need to get my body more vertical. Other than the obvious
- Practice
- Get a set of shoes with a higher heel

Any tips? Anything else I should be doing?
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Old 11-12-2012, 05:11 PM   #12
Eddie Paz
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Join Date: Sep 2012
Posts: 18

Okay, this is after a weekend of me doing bodyweight exercises to fix my stupid posture in the squat.

(Sorry for the crap angle, someone was getting their pump on with the leg press, where i usually put the camera)

Well it's a definite improvement.. I read Greg's book and compare it side on to the girl with just the bar and it is obvious that mine is not perfect. But then, compared to some of the other pictures mine looks comparable. I dunno... it is very hard to teach yourself these things.

Happy for any opinions.
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Greg Everett
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Looks pretty good.

Don't expect to look exactly like anyone else - your proportions will dictate what you look like in that bottom position, and because you have really long legs, you're not going to look like the photos in my book no matter what.

But the position is good and your movement in and out of the bottom is good. Just keep training it now.
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john arthor
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Don't slow down before you explode.Engage the lats more to push the bar all the way into the hips.You also simply need to be more aggressive with your finish and pull under.
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