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Richard Bendekovic
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Default Identify Program Flaws for Master Lifter

I am 10 weeks out of a competition I would like to enter and I am trying to solidify programming. It can be tricky for a 46 year old weightlifting novice with a recent history of tender supraspinatus in my left shoulder and joint pain in right. I think I have the rest & recuperation formula figured out to keep the shoulders from revolting too much but like I said it can be tricky especially with work and family demands as well. I came up with the below based on previous advice I have received on this forum and a couple other sources.

The constants are: Foam roll and dynamic warm-up each day, some longer than others depending on how the shoulders feel; in addition to below training days I spend one day with a weightlifting coach in a small (<8) class; I take the day off after any of the below unless I don't have time for the full work-out then I will break out the squats for the following day.

Day one- Light tall snatches 3x2, 3 sets of 2 3-Stop snatch segment pulls and finish up to 80% max, 5-6 sets of snatch doubles up to max or 5 kilos below. I go that high almost every snatch session without missing. 3x3 front squats as heavy as possible. Planks. Dead hang pull-ups or back extensions if time permits.

Day two- Cleans. Same as snatch program but only go to 80-90% of max on clean sets. Back squat 3x3 heavy as possible. Planks. Pull-ups or back extensions whichever didn't do on day one.

Day three- Jerk work, still working on exact program because my jerk is way behind my clean and snatch. Plan on starting this day with coach so whatever he has.

If my work schedule or body doesn't cooperate with fitting in these three days and the one olympic lifting class then I cut out whatever lift we work on most in class.

Couple other random points. 1) I have to work in as much rest as possible between snatches and any jerk or presses. 2) When schedule gets crazy I just clean and squat. 3) My diet is pretty clean, trying to increase protein lately, sweet potato and carbs after workout, cut fruit to 1 serving or less a day. 4) No power variations based on Catalyst forum advice since turnover and catching deep is an issue. 5) I can't do a M-W-F or any set days, my schedule and rest needs just won't allow it, I have to go on feel.

Bearing in mind this is the absolute top-end amount of time I can spend training, am I missing something? Am I on the right track for a beginning masters lifter? Should something be cut to add a "must-do" exercise?
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Greg Everett
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I think the structure itself is fine, but I would probably look to get some more variation week to week on weights and even exercises. Generally working in 4-week blocks with 3 building and 1 back off week is good, although masters may find 2 and 1 better.

Try doing a different pull variations. One idea would be to do those segment pulls wk 1, do only 1 pause wk 2, and do normal pulls wk 3 w weights increasing each wk.

I would also get some variety in the sn and cln and jerks - if you're doing those same reps/sets/weights week in and week out, it's not even a stimulus anymore. Build wts over that 2-3 wk period up to max, then back off. You can reduce the reps as you go, or change the variation, such as doing say a 2 or 3 position snatch, then doubles, then singles. Lots of ways to do it.
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