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Blake Barnes
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Default Build your own pulling blocks

I recently made some pulling blocks and I just wanted to give a quick step-by-step process on how I did it. There are some different ways to go about making some so feel free to share.

( Greg wrote a blog post on how he made his pulling blocks here: http://www.catalystathletics.com/blo...hp?blogID=1650 )

I will reference the different parts of the blocks so to try and eliminate any confusion I've names the parts. The designated top level is the "Top." The middle parts are called the "Sections." And the designated bottom piece is called the "Bottom." (Easy enough, right?)

The Supplies:

2x4's-Get the Kiln-Dried Pine; the "Douglas Fir" is not as strong.

(whatever number of Sections you want to make will depend on how many boards you need)

1" MDF for underneath the black mat on the Top part.

1.25" & 2.5" screws

Wood glue

1" Rubber mat/horse stall mat for the Top.

I built the Top first and then worked down from there.


The ones I made are 21" wide and 24" long (As Greg says in his blog post, 6-2x4's laid out side-by-side are exactly 21").

1. Cut MDF board 21"x24" and the 6-2x4's 21" long

2. Apply wood glue to the MDF board and lay in down on the 6-2x4's. Apply pressure to ensure all parts are connected. Let the glue dry for about 30 minutes.

3. Screw three screws in each 2x4 from the top of the MDF.

4. Cut 4-2x4's 18" in length (two for each box) for the bottom of the Top section and screw them in making sure to place them exactly the width of a 2x4 inside so that the top locks in place when stacking on top of the Section pieces.

The sections are the middle pieces that are added or subtracted to decide how high you want the boxes.

1. Cut 2-2x4's and 2-1x4's both 18"

2. Drill the 1x4's halfway up on the 2x4's (the 1x4's will be facing in and hanging down to lock the sections in place when stacking)

3. Cut another couple 2x4's (18") for the middle of the section so the blocks don't cave in


1. The designated Bottom part is built just like the Sections minus the 1x4's.

2. If you want to keep the blocks stationary, drill them into a plywood piece in front of your platform. Greg has two sets of stationary blocks and one set of blocks that you can move around.

1. Cut the mat 21"x24"

2. Screw the mat down to the MDF

3. Make handles for the Top

Blake Barnes
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